Jackson Giants Come Close in Season Opener


Friday, May 2, 2008

by Chris Moulder

Giants Lineup

  1. Colter Huhn – 3rd Base
  2. Carlos Toledo – Catcher
  3. Grant Smith – 1st Base
  4. Sky Garnick – Center Field
  5. Bryn Windle – Shortstop
  6. Lucas Moulder – Right Field
  7. Ethan Moulder – 2nd Base
  8. Patrick Renz – Pitcher
  9. Ryan Weber – Left Field


  • Ian Chapman
  • Bryan Weber
  • Cord Schultz
  • Dusty Treick

The Jackson Giants season opener got off to a rough start facing the Bozeman Spikes Friday at Heroes Park in Bozeman, Montana. Rookie pitcher, Patrick Renz was given the rock to start the Giants season and pitched a great 1st inning striking out the first two batters looking but still got tagged for 2 hits. The Giants bats woke up offensively in the 3rd inning with an RBI single by Grant Smith and followed by another RBI fielder’s choice by Sky Garnick which tied the game at 2. Renz struggled a bit in the 2nd and 3rd with control before being replaced by Bryan Weber who held off the Spikes and whiffed Bozeman’s Josh Mackey with Weber’s first big boy pitch of the season, a scorching fastball on the inside corner, leaving the bases loaded.

The 4th started out with back to back singles from the Moulder boys, first with big brother Lucas driving one up the middle and the second with Ethan laying down a perfect bunt down the 3rd base line and beating out the throw. With men on 1st and 2nd, Patrick Renz proved too patient for the Bozeman pitcher and walked to 1st. Now with the bases loaded, no outs and Bryan Weber at the plate, Weber gave the pitcher, A. Abate the stink eye and walked to first thereby scoring Lucas Moulder and giving Weber his first legion RBI. With the bases loaded and no outs, Colter Huhn approached the plate and with a mighty slash, cut the ball to right center scoring 2 more.

With the quick Bryan Weber on third base, Huhn bolts for second and beat the throw but over slid the bag and was tagged out scrambling back. After Carlos Toledo and Grant Smith grounded out retiring the side, the momentum of the game seemed to have spun for the Giants, but unfortunately that was all there was for our hometown heroes. Although the Giants had base hits from Sky Garnick in the 5th and Bryn Windle in the 7th and men on due to walks,  the Giants couldn’t convert enough to catch up to the Spikes who pulled ahead in the 8th and 9th innings for the win.

The Giants struggled with early season nerves and cold temperatures this Friday night as the game transcended into dark. While waiting for the return of 3 of the Giants main pitchers to return from school, Coach Pat Euart chose to pitch his younger arms against the 16 year old Bozeman Spikes. A smart move as the game gave Coach Euart a good look at his rookie pitching staff. Starting pitcher, Patrick Renz started out strong but lost his zone after the 1st inning. Reliever Bryan Weber settled right in and struck out 2 in the 4th and continued to pitch well through the 6th inning. Ethan Moulder came in to relieve Weber in the 7th and struggled finding his strike zone as well. Dusty Treick the 14 year old swing player from the Babe Ruth Club proved that he had what it takes to finish out the game into the 9th recording his first Legion K as well as picking off Josh Mackey of the Spikes while leading off first with a sweet left handed move.

At the plate the Giants did fair against the young Spikes with 7 team hits by, Huhn, Smith, Garnick, Windle, L. Moulder & E.Moulder. Stolen bases from the Giants squad were contributed by Colter Huhn, Sky Garnick and Bryan Weber.

Box Scores

Team Batting Average: .180

Game Score

  • Jackson Giants (visitor): 7
  • Bozeman Spikes (home): 14

Pitcher Statistics


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