Giants Drop Two Against Gallitan Valley Outlaws


Saturday, May 3, 2008

by Chris Moulder

Giants Lineup

  1. Colter Huhn – Catcher
  2. Bryn Windle – 3rd Base
  3. Grant Smith – Designated Hitter
  4. Sky Garnick – Center Field
  5. Bryan Weber – Right Field
  6. Ryan Weber – Left Field
  7. Patrick Renz – Shortstop
  8. Ian Chapman – 1st Base
  9. Ethan Moulder – 2nd Base
  10. Lucas Moulder – Pitcher


  • Carlos Toledo
  • Dusty Treick
  • Cord Schultz

The Jackson Giants couldn’t find the strike zone or hit the ball in Three Forks, Montana this weekend as the Giants fell behind quickly in the first of two 7 inning games scheduled at Luzenac Field.

The Giants right handed ace hurler, Lucas Moulder had trouble with location in the first inning walking 3, hitting 2 batters and striking out 2 which unfortunately set the tone for the 2 game venue against the Gallatin Valley Outlaws. The ball had some sizzle but just sort of drifted on Moulder.   2 runs were walked in to put the Outlaws ahead 2-0 in the first. The second inning didn’t go well for our hometown heroes either when Moulder continued having trouble although he struck out the lead-off batter, walked 3 more Outlaws, hit 1 another with a wild pitch and gave up 2 hits with one being a grand slam by Gallatin Valley’s designated clean-up hitter Colton Anderson before getting the hook from Coach Euart and replaced with  rookie, Carlos Toledo. Toledo settled in and retired the side making the Outlaws 7&8 batters pop up to left and center. Carlos continued on the mound in the 3rd and part of the 4th facing another 16 batters, walking 4, hitting 2 and giving up 7 hits including another homerun by Anderson which contributed to the 11 more runs for the home team Outlaws. Dusty Treick filled in on the mound in the 4th striking out Gallatin Valley’s Connor Moore and finally stopped the bleeding. Offensively, the Giants had a hard time catching up to Outlaw pitcher Cameron Frost who put on a fine display pitching a 1 run, 1 hitter against the Giants striking out 5. Frost threw a beautiful game which ended in 5 innings due to the mercy rule.

Box Scores

Team Batting Average: .059

Game Score

  • Jackson Giants (visitors) 1
  • Gallatin Valley Outlaws (home) 17

Pitcher Statistics

It didn’t look any better for the Giants in Game 2

Giants Lineup

  1. Colter Huhn – 3rd Base
  2. Carlos Toledo – Catcher
  3. Grant Smith – 1st Base
  4. Sky Garnick – Center Field
  5. Bryn Windle – Pitcher
  6. Lucas Moulder – Right Field
  7. Ryan Weber – Left Field
  8. Ethan Moulder – 2nd Base
  9. Patrick Renz – Shortstop


  • Ian Chapman
  • Cord Schultz
  • Dusty Treick

The second game faired no better for the Giants although they did seem to make contact against Outlaw pitcher Sean Cronin, but Cronin’s tight explosive curveball kept the Giants down to 4 hits.

The first inning looked optimistic as lead off batter, Colter Huhn walked thereby setting up an opportunity for a sacrafice bunt.   Number 2 hitter, Carlos Toledo did just that with a well placed bunt down the 3rd base line and the speedy “Torpedo” coupled with the equally quick Huhn proved too much for the previous games winning pitcher Cameron Frost who is now achoring the 3rd base corner as Toledo beat the throw with ease. Unfortunately, Grant Smith hit a ground ball to third baseman Frost who vindicated himself by stepping on 3rd and throwing to first thereby completing a nicely executed double play. Bryn Windle followed with a linedrive back to the pitcher to retire the side. Defensively, it turned out to be a repeat of the first game as starting pitcher Bryn Windle dealt a mixed bag of walks, strikeouts and hit batsman resulting in 7 runs. The next 3 innings offensively did not offer much in the way of hope with the exception of a hit by Ryan Weber in the 2nd, a stolen base by “The Torpedo” in the 3rd, and a monster blast by right fielder, Lucas Moulder which on contact looked as if it was sure to be extra bases.  Unfortunately,  a 405’ dead center field and a blazing fast Miceal Hedgecock who completely turned his back on the ball only to turn around and snowcone it at the 390’ mark, wiped out any chance for Moulder to get something going for the Giants.

Defensively, Windle continued into the 2nd trying to tweak his control and although he was able to dial in his strikezone, the bottom of the Outlaw order still managed to pepper him with hits and walks resulting in another 4 runs. With 2 outs, 2 men on and the top of the order coming to the plate, Coach Euart replaced Windle with Colter Huhn on the mound, Windle swapped with Huhn at 3rd. After loading the count, Huhn dealt a fastball that lead-off hitter, Evan Larabaster drove to left-center for a 2 RBI double. With a man in scoring position, Huhn again filled the count against center fielder, Miceal Hedgecock who smacked a ball to deep center but the fly ball was easily chased down by Sky Garnick, retiring the side.   Although the game was again called in the 5th by way of the mercy rule, Sky Garnick came to the mound in the 4th and proved his abilities by striking out 2 and yielding no runs.

Box Scores

Team Batting Average: .191

Game Score

  • Jackson Giants (visitors) 3
  • Gallatin Valley Outlaws (home) 14

Pitcher Statistics

Weekend Wrap-up

Although it was painful, the first weekend of Jackson Giants American Legion baseball is now in the books. On the surface, it looked a bit tragic but understanding that our hometown heroes have only touched an actual field 3 times prior to playing their first game, leaves one very optimistic.

All in all, pitching was off across the board again perhaps due to the abrupt change from throwing on a flat gym floor in sneakers to a sloped dirt mound with cleats.  Veteran chuckers, Lucas Moulder and Bryn Windle had big trouble dialing in their strikezone as between the two of them they combined to face 33 batters in only 2 2/3 innings walking 11 and 4 of those were hit batsman. It’s fair to say that the Montana boys do not flinch on inside pitches and in one instance, the umpire didn’t think the batter tried enough to get out of the way and was not awarded first base. Needless to say, a few of the Gallatin Valley boys are wearing bruises from Moulder that clearly say “Spalding” on their person as he creased them squarely. And then there is our inconsistant batting, there is no substitute for practice with live pitching and although Coaches Euart and Bedford have done what they can with Wiffle balls in a gym, it still can’t prepare our men against teams that have 7or8 games behind them. What else can be done when the field is either covered in snow or too wet to play on due to the melting snow? Even though the Giants have been able to get on the field last week, they still had to deal with a 3 foot tall snowdrift on the north side of the center field wall. And so it goes…

In spite of the 3 game sweep, some bright spots emerged with this young Giants lineup. Although there were some control issues, the rookie squad of pitchers; Patrick Renz, Bryan Weber, Carlos Toledo, Ethan Moulder and swing player from Babe Ruth, Dusty Treick all showed Coaches Pat Euart and Matt Bedford what they have in terms of young minds and arms and what they need to work on. The Giants fielding on the whole looked very good with outstanding plays from infield acrobats Colter Huhn and Ethan Moulder. Both had a couple of amazing diving plays at their respective positions as well, Moulder played errorless ball at 2nd the whole weekend. Grant Smith despite a nagging shoulder injury from the last high school football season held on at 1st base firmly and Bryn Windle proved himself at shortstop and 3rd. The outfield veteran Sky Garnick commanded centerfield shagging down long running fly balls, while Lucas Moulder threw strikes to home and 3rd from right field. The dynamic duo Ryan and Bryan Weber also proved themselves in the outfield but need a bit more experience judging American Legion fly balls but they continued to make the routine look spectacular. At the plate this weekend, the Giants were 13 for 83 collectively for a meek .157 team batting average but sure-fire, go-to hitters like veterans Sky Garnick, Grant Smith, Bryn Windle, Lucas Moulder and Colter Huhn all proved they can put the bat on the ball. Rookie batsman who are going to be exciting to watch are the twins, Ryan and Bryan Weber, Patrick Renz, Carlos Toledo and Ethan Moulder. The thesis of this weeks practice; Pitching & Hitting, Pitching & Hitting, and let’s hope for warm sunny days and no more snow.

“There are three kinds of lies. White lies, damned lies and statistics”

— Mark Twain


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