7th Annual Teton Classic Baseball Tournament

Come out and support the Post 43 Giants this weekend during the 7th Annual Teton Classic Baseball Tournament.

Thursday June 29:

  • 9:00am Evanston vs. East Idaho Rockies
  • 11:15am East Idaho Rockies vs. Green River
  • 1:30pm Wasatch Gold vs. Madison
  • 3:45pm Billings Angels vs. Wasatch Black
  • 6:00pm Billings Halos vs PCH
  • 8:15pm Post 43 Giants vs PCH

Friday June 30:

  • 9:00am East Idaho Rockies vs. Billings Angels
  • 11:15am Wasatch Gold vs. East Idaho Rockies
  • 1:30pm Wasatch Black vs. Evanston
  • 3:45pm Green River vs. PCH
  • 6:00pm Madison vs. Billings Halos
  • 8:15pm Post 43 Giants vs. Madison 

Saturday July 1

  • 9:00am Wasatch Black vs. Green River
  • 11:15am Wasatch Black vs. East Idaho Rockies
  • 1:30pm Evanston vs. PCH
  • 3:45pm Madison vs. Billings Angels
  • 6:00pm Wasatch Gold vs. Billing Halos
  • 8:15pm Post 43 Giants vs. Billings Halos

Sunday July 2

  • 9:00am Billings Angels vs. PCH
  • 11:15am Wasatch Gold vs Billings Angels
  • 1:30am Billings Halos vs. Green River
  • 3:45pm Wasatch Gold vs. Evanston
  • 6:00pm Post 43 Giants vs. Green River 

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