Cal Ripken Rules

Playing Rules: Jackson Hole Babe Ruth Baseball – Cal Ripken Division

It is the intent of the Jackson Hole Babe Ruth Baseball, Cal Ripken Division to follow and comply with the published Babe Ruth League, Inc. 2008 Official Playing Rules with the following exceptions/clarifications:

  • Pitching
    • League play, makeup games and Playoffs- Maximum of 6 innings per calendar week (Monday through Sunday). Two full calendar days rest required if more than 2 innings are pitched. Maximum of 3 innings per game.  (e.g. if three innings are pitched on Monday, the pitcher cannot pitch again until Thursday; Tuesday and Wednesday are the calendar days required to rest).  Maximum of 50 pitches per game per pitcher.
    • All Stars – Maximum of 3 innings per game.
  • Time Limit
    • Play will cease after 2.5 hours or 8:00 PM whichever is reached first (double header games excluded).
    • Game will end at the end of the inning after 2:00 hours have elapsed while school is in session and after 2.5 hours when school is out (minors only).
  • Sliding
    • No head first slides
    • Runners must avoid possible contact at any base where a play is being made and the best way to avoid contact is to slide.  In the umpire’s judgment, if a runner does not make an effort to avoid possible contact, then he or she will be called out regardless of the outcome of the play.
  • Stealing Home – Players will be allowed to steal home.
  • Number of Players
    • Teams will not be allowed to play with less than seven players.  For the official win/loss record a forfeit will be recorded for a team not able to field 7 or more players within 5 minutes of the planned official start time.
    • If a team cannot produce 9 players an automatic out will be taken for each batting position not filled (this is mandatory. i.e. two outs if only seven players present).
    • All players present will be placed in the batting rotation (continuous batting order).
    • Minimum of 2 defensive innings per game per player.
  • Base runners may not leave the base until the pitched ball has passed home plate. A violation of this rule shall result in the runner being called out after one team warning.
  • Cat and Mouse rule – Once a runner has been recognized by the catcher or pitcher the runner must commit to a base (i.e. they need to run or return to the base they started at).  If the throw back to the pitcher results in a passed ball the runner may advance at their own risk.  Once the pitcher has the ball and is in the vicinity of the pitching mound, the base runners need to commit to a base.  Once a player returns to a base, he may not leave again until after the next pitch crosses the plate.
  • Mercy Rule – Play shall cease if after four innings one team is winning by ten or more runs.
  • Maximum of five runs per inning (minors only).
  • Game will end at the end of the inning after 2:00 hours have elapsed while school is in session and after 2.5 hours when school is out (minors only).
  • No “chatter” allowed.

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